Tuesday, June 9, 2009

HOW does the Social Security Administration define "Substantial Gainful Employment"?

I often get asked this question by folks denied either SSDI or SSI. Here is how I recently answered an inquiry from someone who is 40 years old; who drives trucks; and who was denied SSDI.

In essence, the eligibility criteria for both SSDI and SSI is as follows: Are your symptoms so bad that they impair your normal daily living activities to such a degree that you cannot perform what Social Security calls "substantial gainful employment" - any employment for which your age (25 years under the age of 65) education, and past work experience qualify you to perform, for which you can earn - in 2009 - a minimum of $980/month. For SSI there are additional financial criteria.

In otherwords, SGA - Substantial Gainful Employment - is any occupation for which you can be paid about $12.25/hour, 20 hours/week. If you can do such work and earn such money, you are ineligible for either SSDI or SSI.

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