You have been diagnosed with a Chronic Illness/Disease (CD). As you try to wrap your mind around the diagnosis, and its implications for your life, you immediately focus on WORK! You find yourself in one of the following situations: 1) You are working and need help from your employer to continue working;
2) you can no longer work and want to apply for LTD (Long Term Disability) and/or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance);
3) you do not qualify for SSDI and want to apply for SSI (Supplemental Security Income); and/or,
4) you have applied for SSDI and/or SSI and have been denied, and now have to appeal that decision.

Carolyn Magura, nationally recognized disability advocate, educator and Expert Witness has just completed a new ebooklet SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to assist those newly diagnosed with just those questions!!!

This eBooklet provides you with the CRITICALLY important information needed to successfully answer these questions for yourself - within YOUR specific timeframe. AND, once you have determined your course of action, come back to the website to get the appropriate "How-To Guidelines" that Ms. Magura herself used and authored to successfully acquire the disability insurance benefits for herself, and to assist over a thousand others with disabilities, worldwide!!

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

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