Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What if I don't qualify for SSDI or SSI?

I'll often get an inquiry from someone who qualifies for neither SSDI NOR SSI. Here's what I recommend that they do:

I'm so sorry for the reply that I'm going to have to give you, but - as you can see for yourself at the end of the Summary ebooklet I created about disability insurances - you cannot qualify for SS disability insurance without paying into the system for enough credits. AND, with your husband earning as much as you anticipate, your family income will probably exclude you from SSI also.

I'd HIGHLY recommend that you and hubby NOT waste $ on disability attorney; and, you NOT waste your energy trying to qualify for a disability insurance at this time.

INSTEAD, I'd highly recommend that you read the pdf ebooklet that I created entitled "I'm disabled not UNabled!" Using the info therein, figure out what you CAN and CANNOT do. Then you can be better equipped to find a job that you can do, based on your unique qualifications.

To get one or both of these FREE ebooklets, please email me and request it/them, and I'll send them to you.

BE PREPARED before you look for work!!


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