Tuesday, May 01, 2007

READ; Join if you have MS: cMSc; Consortium of MS Centers

This website is FANTASTIC.

#2, below, shows how to actually enroll into this Consortium, take a 30 page questionnaire, and continue to research YOUR TYPE of MS, like 31,800 other MSers have.

#2 post: Here's the link on this forum to the PATIENTS' REGISTRY page:


On this page, the 4th bullet on the left side is the link to Enrollment; you can join and complete the 30 pg Q.

The 3rd bullet is the link to current and past articles within the issue of MSQR: MS Quarterly Report.

#1 post: During my research on Health Care Provider Education, I found this fantistic website: Consortium of MS Centers.

I joined, and got access to what's available. Here are links to various locations within this very valuable website:

Home Page for cMSc: Consortium of MS Centers


How to apply for SSDI
Meet the Experts’ articles


Past (and current) issues of the Journal of MS Care


Good luck!!!

Please let me know if you visit, and if you find anything of interest!!!



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