Sunday, July 02, 2006

RFC/PCE (Residual Functional Capacity/Physical Capacity Evaluation ) What is it; Why is it Important?

RFC/PCE (Residual Functional Capacity/Physical Capacity Evaluation) What is it; Why is it important?

This document is an assessment process by either your doctor or the Insurance company's doctor, of your current and PROJECTED normal daily living activity abilities. It is important to understand this concept; it is the primary reason why folks' Social Security claims are denied.

Disability Insurance companies - like SS, pay out because the person has lost income, because they can't work; and, they can't work because their symptoms impair (keep them from) doing the activities of their job, and of their daily life.

To give you a better understanding of this process, please go to the Downloads and Articles link within the website. Here is that link:

The RFC/PCE example available here for you to donwload FOR FREE, is my actual, sanatized form. I provide it to you as an example to supplement your Disabilitykey Workbook.

Best of luck in completing your own form with your doctor.


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