Thursday, February 02, 2006

Disability and Diet; Why a Need?

It is a new year filled with new opportunities for all of us. If you, like me, have a Chronic Disease that you are managing, you might fact the same problem that I am currently facing. I AM OVERWEIGHT. No, to be completely honest with all of you, I must admit that I am obese.

How does this make me feel? Well, to quote teenagers, "it sucks"! It is one of the reasons that it has been hard for me to blog as much as I did last year. My committment to all of you is that I won't ask something of you that I haven't tried (and succeeded in) myself. So, in asking you to adopt the concepts of "Chronic Disease Self-Management", I had to first master it myself; in asking you to become an "Expert Patient", I had first to become one myself; in asking you to help your Doctor(s) join you in the new medical practice of "Patient Centered Health Care", I had first to practice this new health care with my doctors. (Note: all of these concepts are described in detail in previous blogs within this series.)

So, we come full circle back to Chronic Disease Self-Management. While I modeled this concept for you in understanding, documenting, communicating about, and achieving financial support for your Chronic Disease with my Disability Workbook and the blog, I have NOT modeled the part of this self-management that deals with maxamizing what health I have left.

Yes, my current quality of life is excellent, it will be significantly better when I loose the weight that I have gained since my diagnosis in 1997.

So, I come clean with all of you. I have been researching weight loss plans and programs. I have been researching the types of excercises that are optimum for folks with all types and conditions of Chronic Disease. I have selected a program, and have succeeded in loosing 6 pounds during my first week on my diet!

These next few blog enteries will provide you with the research that I have done for myself on both weight loss plans and programs, and on exercise programs; I'll share with you the challenges and successes I have along my journey; and, if you write in with questions, I'll share your successes and challenges too.

Tomorrow the journey begins! I sincerely hope that my journey diary helps motivate you to begin one of your own.


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