Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Disability Honesty: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!!!

Can you believe that 2006 is here? I am not sure where 2005 disappeared, but I look at my new calendar for 2006 and relish in the pictures of my intelligent, charming, captivating granddaughter, I realize that the new year is, indeed, upon us.

If you have been wondering why the postings to this site have been VERY rare in the later months of 2005, I recognize that I am a person with disabilities who really wants to model my beliefs for all of you that I am talking to. I recognize that I have to be honest first to myself, and then to all of you. It is not acceptable to me to just "talk the talk"; I also need to "walk the walk".

So, the end of 2005 found me moving, recovering from the move and the resulting illnesses and MAJOR FATIGUE; then came the holidays, and I wanted to really enjoy my time with family and friends. And, I discovered that I needed to work on my faith and ensure that I was providing guidance and wisdom for the "right" reasons. All of these introspective activities took me through the end of 2005. VERY HARD FOR A DIED-IN-THE-WOOL EXTROVERT!!!

Here it is 2006 and I feel that I finally am ready to continue blogging this blog and the one about Disability and the Workplace.

Here are some of the highlights to come:
  • Results of the 2006 Paul G. Hearne/AAPD Award;
  • Results feedback from those who have actually taken the advice in these blogs;
  • Steps I will be taking to further education of others;
  • How I personally am modeling my advice (particularly the part about taking responsibility for my own health care); etc.

I welcome advice and questions from you, readers. How has your journey been; how are you doing.

KEEP TUNED, and please, if you want, comment on this blog with your ideas and/or questions.


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