Sunday, September 18, 2005

Disability and Moving!

Well, we sold the house last night, and I waited to do this blog until I knew that the Buyers had accepted our acceptance of their purchase agreement.

So, because we had already found our new home, and had already submitted what is called a "conditional" purchase agreement on that home, we now have JUST THREE (3) WEEKS to move!

Now please understand; I LOVE the new home. My set-up will be significantly improved, and the whole home is closer to my son's Church. However, I HATE MOVING!!

Have I mentioned that I hate moving? I am what was, in my youth, called an "Army Brat". What that means is that my Father was in the Army; he was an Army Lawyer - just like the lawyers in the TV series JAG. We moved all over the world: California, Japan, Virginia, Germany, California, Georgia, Kentucky, etc.

By the time I went to collage at age 18 I had moved 19 times, and everything that I owned in this world could fit into one large suitcase.

Needless to say, when I began my "adult" life, I began getting and keeping "stuff" like a pack-rat.

But once my MS became so severe that I needed to move to a one-level condo, I realized that I needed to start downsizing. Getting rid of: dried flower arrangements (about 15 of them); Pendleton suits great for working in a Bank, but not for a Ship Repair Yard; HIGH HEELS - great when you can walk, not so good when you can't; 100's of books - I now use the Library; etc.

So, I have downsized, and I STILL HATE MOVING!. I'll let y'all know how the process unfolds over the next few weeks. But for now, I challenge each of you; what is it that you hate to do; what in your life gives you headaches? Are you facing up to your roadblocks?

More later!


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