Friday, September 02, 2005

Disability and Helping Others - Like Katrina Survivors

For those of you who have friends and relatives living in the path of Katrina, all of you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!!

As someone who has been practicing the concepts I discuss in these Blogs, I will state unequivically (SP?) that helping others helps me! That may sound bromidal, but it really works. When you concentrate on the pain of others, and on what you can do to help them in any way to aleviate that pain, you are NOT thinking about yourself!

Remember the poem "Footprints"? There's the line where the "talker" in the Poem says something like this: Lord, when I needed you the m ost, I look back and only see one set of Footprints. The Lord replies: that's when I was carrying you.

We too can help "carry" our brothers and sisters in need or our help as a result of Katrina. Consider the following:

  1. If you can afford it, perhaps contributing to the American Red Cross might be an option for you.
  2. Perhaps you are a member of a religious institution that is working to put together care packages for those folks in need, withoug ANYTHING. Our Church is putting together packets containing the basic needs: toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, towel, Large-size t-shirt, kleenex, toilet paper, a package of gum.
  3. Perhaps you belong to a support group, or a neighborhood association. One group in my area is putting together packets for kids: a blanket (child size); a stuffed animal; toothbrush and toothpaste; crayons; a tablet of paper, etc.
  4. Perhaps your local TV station, or Radio station is collecting contributions for some special contributions; one group I heard is donating a LARGE 5-Wheeler, with cheese, milk, and other staples (I think this is somewhere in the mid-west).

AND, after you have done whatever you think you can for the Katrina survivors, why stop there? What are your strengths? (Now, come on, I know that you have to focus on your symptoms and their impairments to be able to communicate with your Health Care team, but you also need to focus on your strengths. I, for example, as if you couldn't already guess, LOVE TO WRITE and provide information in this Blog. In future blogs, I'll share what else I am doing to assist others. Now even though I do a lot of typing for my blogs, it isn't easy. My cognative skills are decreasing more and more each week. The messages from my brain to my left or right hand often cross, requiring me to spend 2X or 3X longer to type than it used to.

Whatever your strengths are, I am certain that there are others in your community that could use your help. Keep up the energy that you started with helping the Katrina folks, and help others close to home.

Peace and happiness coming from me and mine to you and yours! Take a moment and be thankful that you were NOT affected by Katrina!


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