Sunday, September 04, 2005


In 15 minutes we will be celebrating Labor Day, 2005! I don't know about you, but I don't know where this year has gone! It's September already, and fall is just around the corner.

As part of my research for ideas for this blog, I discover many great websites. One of the sites that I found is that of the Home Page for AAPD; American Association of People with Disabilities. And, while searching this site, I discovered that the site offers an annual award for "emerging leaders with disabilities of any age". The award is called:

The (award date) Paul G. Hearne/AAPD Leadership Awards

The award is named after a man who was "...a tireless advocate and visionary leader with a lofelong disability who achieved success as a lawyer, nonprofit executive, foundation president, federal agency director, and mentor to countless people with disabilities."

Here's a direct quote from the website about previous awardees.

"The 40 previous awardees represent a diverse group of people with disabilities aged 11 to 56. Individual award recipients have: built a web site to educate people with psychiatric disabilities; gone into academia to direct the education of tomorrow’s social work professionals; worked to educate the public about the abilities of people with Down syndrome; raised money for accessible playgrounds across the country; and actively promoted the political participation of people with disabilities."

Well, I am in the process of applying for one of the two 2006 Awards. When I have completed my aplication, I'll share it with you, so you can see what my plans are for the future. I'll continue my plans even if I do not win the award; it would just be easier to accomplish my goals with the award.

So, what about you on this Labor Day week-end. Are you thinking about some goal that you want to achieve? Are you, like me, ready to get out of your "comfort zone" and reach for the stars? Come on; think big; share your dreams with others and let them work with you on achieving them.

Probably no surprise to y'all who have read any of these blogs, but the hardest hurdle for me in this application process is to "eliminate the fluff" and keep the application essay to no more than 700 words!

Stay tuned.......


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