Monday, August 22, 2005

Quality of Life, Part #2: Enjoying the Moment

Quality of Life Part #2: Enjoying the Moment

I had the pleasure recently, of answering a question from someone who CLEARLY is following her dream, and who has attained a fantastic quality of life. Her name is Diesel, and her website is:

She is a songbird, whose music stirs the soul, and whose lyrics remind each of us why we are human! Here are some comments about her music:


Look at these words: unique – yes she is; soulful, yes the combination of the music is a breeze stirring your soul; heartbreaking, yet hopeful lyrics; and, distinctly different. I have had the opportunity to listen to both of her CD's and am amazed at her versatility and range; and at her unique combination of impactful lyrics and soulful music.

One of the constant themes of the website and of the blog there is the theme of self-reliance; of self-assurance; of accepting where you are at any point in time, and making the absolute best of your situation. We who are disabled; who fight each and every day to attain a quality of life, often look back to what “was” and believe that “the good old days” were the BEST!! Instead of attempting to recapture a shadow of what was, we should concentrate on making the best of the moment we have now!

AND, what about all those others whose life we THINK that we envy? They themselves suffer from wanting something different also. But, we are stronger, because we must fight to reinvent ourselves and achieve a whole different type of life. We are provided with the opportunity to regain control over our lives. Those without such an opportunity, often give up their control without even knowing it.

All of this has been captured in a song that Diesel wrote herself; consider the following (copied here with the express permission of Diesel herself).

"Never Enough" - Song
I'll Be Ready In A Minute... - CD
written by Diesel

"Why are we always thinking grass is greener on the other side?
Tell me, in this life we're living, will we ever be so satisfied?

A man with an average paycheck
Married to his average wife
Living in his average mansion
Anyone would envy his life
Sittin' in his average Mercedes
Listenin' to your average blues
Thinking he'll go down to the basement
To end it all with your average knife

It just wasn't enough for him
It never was as good as it seemed to be
Living in the moment was not for him
He's trying to set himself free

A woman in a beautiful red dress
Sipping at an average wine
Dining in a fabulous restaurant
Loving husband at her side
Everything she's wanted and much more
But she just doesn't see it that way
Claiming someone else as her soulmate
She breaks her promises and leaves him behind

It just wasn't enough for her
Never was as good as it seemed to be
Living in the moment was not for her
Maybe she was lost in the forest
Maybe she's just too blind to see

So take a look in your lifetime
Starting with your average friend
Do you really know how his life is?
He may have some sorrow to mend
And if you're thinking yours isn't so good
Take a moment to look around
Life will give you what you put into it
And you can always choose how you want it to end

Are you happy with what you've got?
Living in the moment can set you free
Everyday's another gift from above
Wandering around in the forest
As you wander around in the trees
Never take a moment for granted
Take another moment to see

Why are we always thinking grass is greener on the other side?
Tell me, in this life we're living, will we ever be so satisfied?" © by Diesel

So, are you going to accept the challenge provided to you to regain control over your life? As Diesel so eloquently says, “Tell me, in this life we’re living, will we ever be so satisfied?”

The other comment Diesel points out, is the joy of "living in the moment"! When was the last time any of us relaxed enough to feel the breeze in our face; to join in with the laughter of a child; to smell a rose in bloom; to listen to wonderful music and give thanks to the songstress for her gift to us?

THANK YOU, Diesel, for reminding all of us to be thankful for WHAT WE HAVE; to celebrate the life we have rather than regret what we do not.
And, if you too would like to experience Diesel's music, you can purchase her CD's at her website, and at


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