Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Prescription Prior-Approval APPROVED IN RECORD Time by Health Plan!!!


My doctor's office just called to tell me that his/my "Pain Medication Prior Authorization" has been approved IN RECORD TIME - JUST under 2HOURS!!!

His assistant says that they had NEVER had such a speedy response; it usually takes a minimum amount of 72 hours to get a response; not 2 hours from fax to the Health Insurance Company, and receipt of approval!

I asked her what was faxed to the Health Insurance Company, and she said that my Doctor included my statement to him, along with his copy of my "Symptom Impairment Matrix" (covered in detail in the Disabilitykey Workbook). I asked her what was different about this case that led to such a speedy turn-around. She replied that, without a doubt, it was the specificity and detailed information provided my me, the patient, to my Doctor.

So, the process does work! I told you I'd keep you updated, and I have. For those of you new to this blog, read the original one 2 days ago for the process mentioned here.

Let's hear some more success stories from the rest of you!


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