Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fibromyalgia - CURRENT Symptom Management & Medications, Part #1

Fibromyalgia. Sounds complicated, doesn't it? In point of fact, it is - for those who have it, and their support systems.

First off, I need to explain why it is so important for those who believe that they have Fibromyalgia, and are thinking of starting the paperwork for LTD and/or SSDI, to thoroughly understand their bodies, their symptoms, and the impact their symptoms have on their ability to perform the essential functions of their job and their normal daily life. It has to do with the definition of "disability".

An individual will be determined to be disabled if their impairment (i.e., symptom impairments) meet or equal the requirements of what the Social Security calls their Listing of Impairments (also known as their "Blue Book"). This is a list of physical and mental illnesses that the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers to be so severe that they warrent an automatic finding of disability, assuming that you can document/prove that a) you have that illness, and, b) that the illness' symptoms impair your normal daily living activities.

However, if an impairmenent (illness) is not listed in the "Blue Book", and Fibromyalgia is not listed, this documentation can become significantly harder. An impairment (illness) must meet or equal the Listing Requirements by demonstrating that they are unable to perform work that they did in the past 15 years and that they are unable to do any other type of work considering residual functional capacity, age, education, and work experience. And, to make the situation even harder, it is important to know that the proof of symptom impairment - the documention of this impairment and its impact on your normal daily living activities - is the responsibility of the claimant and their supporting Medical team!

The detailed, How-To process of just how you document your symptoms and their impairment, and how you communicate with your Doctor(s) so that they can assist you in showing how these impairments impact your normal daily living activities can be found at our website:

So, you believe that you have Fibromyalgia. We'll close today's posting with the primary symptoms associated with the disease. Tomorrow, in Part #2, of: Fibromyalgia - CURRENT Symptom Management & Medications, we will discuss the symptom management and medications.
Fibromyalgia Primary Symptoms

1) Allergic reactions to foods and/or chemicals
2) Loss of balance and dizziness
3) Skin is easily irritated
4) Extreme fatigue
5) Sensitivity to bright lights or noises
6) Headaches
7) Diarrhea/Constipation
8) Jaw pain
9) Loss of memory accompanied by difficulty concentrating
10) Menstrual pain
11) Sensitive to dairy products
12) Stiffness when walking and especially in the morning

If you have any questions about this subject, or any other subject-matter in these Disability Key blogs, feel free to add a comment/question, and we will answer them.


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