Tuesday, May 24, 2005


HEAT!! One of the reasons why some of us with neurological "conditions" (AKA = "also known as" disability) live in the northern climates is because we HATE HEAT!!! Help in documenting how heat affects you can be found by checking out www.disabilitykey.com.

I have Multiple Sclerosis; some of my friends suffer from other neurological diseases, and when it is cool (we love 60 degrees to 70 degree temperatures, or LOWER) and raining, we are most happy! When I was still able to go into an office for 2-4 hours per day, I would set the thermostat at 60 degrees, and I was very happy! My co-workers, even in the heat of the summer, would come into the office while I was there, and imediately put on a fleece jacket! They, of course, would prefer to set the thermostat at 70 degrees, and did so when I was not around.

So, if heat is a concern of yours, how can we manage around it? I'd love to hear your suggestions. Here are some of mine:

  1. First of all, I have a basement appartment, and keep my windows open during the day, and a crack at nite. If it is hot outside, I keep the windows wide open at night, and set up a fan to move the cooler air into the room. And, as I get up 6 - 7 times each nite to to to the bathroom, I close the windows at about 5 am, thus trapping cool air in the room.
  2. Cool showers, of course, work wonders.
  3. Lots of liquids are important. Also, cut down on caffine in hot weather.
  4. I have a cool washcloth that I use on my arms and forehead. In this way, I am cooled as the bathed places dry.
  5. Keep a fan blowing on you, at low levels.
  6. Wear cool, loose clothing.
  7. Get what is called a "cooling jacket or vest". It is sold in many places. It is a jacket that has pockets into which you place jell-like tubes that you freeze. This cools your trunk, and it helps cooling you.
  8. Do your exercises in the early mornings or late evenings, when it is cooler. And, take a cool shower afterwords to cool down.
  9. Give yourself permission to decrease your activity levels during the heat. It helps!

What are your suggestions? Those of us who deal with the problems of heat are always looking for suggestions.

Again, for more information about handling your disability, please visit www.disabilitykey.com.

Also, if you have additional questions about managing the affects of heat, please add questions to this blog, and we will answer them.


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